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To become a member of IRISH AMERICAN WRITERS & ARTISTS, you need to have an abiding interest in Irish American cultural matters. There is no other requirement.

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Membership entitles you to information about and access to all IAW&A events, including the annual Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award; book, CD and movie launch parties; art exhibit openings; and discount tickets to theater productions and concerts, when specified. In addition, membership will link you to our network of contacts: you can list your website on our Links Page and promote artistic works and events on our What’s Happening blog page. Your membership contribution will also help us to function as an organization, to sustain our website, post office box, small staff, and to organize and finance many of the above-mentioned activities.

PLEASE NOTE: Membership is now $50.00 for the first year and $50.00 per year after that. After one year's time, we will notify you via e-mail of the opportunity to renew your membership and will provide instructions to do so. It will not be necessary to re-submit an online/paper Membership form.

Your membership donation and annual dues are tax deductible.

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Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc.
511 Avenue of the Americas #304
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Membership Forms / Tax Deductible Contributions

Enrollment by Mail
There are two ways you can become a member of IAWA. If you wish to mail in your enrollment fee or contribution, you can do so by downloading a membership form from the link below, filling it out, and mailing it with your check to the address above made payable to Irish American Writers & Artists, Inc. DOWNLOAD FORM HERE

Online Registration
Or if you prefer, you can register for membership online by using the form below. Membership dues can be paid electronically with our secure payment system. This step of the registration process will occur after the questionaire below has been successfully filled out and submitted.

Tax Deductible Contributions
If you wish to make a contribution to IAW&A in order to help us fund the continuing development of our organization, you can do so in our PAYMENT SECTION. Our ability to exist depends largely on the generous contributions of members and benefactors. PLEASE NOTE: Membership is not a prerequisite in order to contribute, but is most certainly encouraged. If you wish to make a contribution, but do not wish to become a member, you can do so directly without filling out a Registration Form.

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